Vacuum laboratory oven


Laboratory electric vacuum oven with horizontal radiation format
Permanent operating temperature: 200 degrees Celsius (centigrade)
The door opening from the front is insulated with silicone sealing, equipped with a double-glazed viewing window
The maximum vacuum power of the device is 9X10 -1 BAR
Equipped with a vacuum level display and an output connected to a vacuum pump and neutral gas charging through control valves
The internal dimensions are 450*420*320 (mm – h*w*d) and the volume is 60 liters.
Maximum electric power 1kw
Heat-resistant stainless steel housing insulated with ceramic fiber
It has 3 sub series and one mesh steel tray, equipped with lighting lamp inside the compartment
Electrical thermal energy supply with Swedish Kental elements located inside the embedded radiant tubes, behind the enclosure
Five years warranty for the device elements
All thyristor power circuits without disturbing harmonics in the power grid
Programmable controller PC-15 with the ability to run 10 temperature programs and run thermal gradients with a touch panel and digital display on the curve
Secondary on/off control for temperature protection with emergency shutdown (police)
Protection system, including a complete set of temperature controller and thermocouple and sound annunciator
Electrical panel, including all control and protection parts from reputable European or Japanese brands
Electrostatic paint coating (anti-scratch) with a good appearance
Along with a one-year warranty and 10 years of Atra company’s after-sales service

Installation of special controllers with computer output
Making arrangements and installing special equipment needed by researchers


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