Laboratory furnace 1200 degrees


Radiant electric furnace
Continuous operation of 1200°C to perform various laboratory operations
Internal chamber with two modes of muffle (invisible element) or non-muffle (visible element)
Spiral elements TYPE A1 made by Kanthal
The inner walls are made of ceramic boards, grade 1400 °C (non-muffle)
The inner wall is molded from dense refractories grade 1500 °C (muffle)
Front-opening door equipped with fireproof ceramic boards with high shock resistance
Equipped with full thyristor power and command circuits without any disturbing interference for the electrical network and complete electrical panel with original parts and authentic European or Japanese brands approved by the buyer
TYPE K thermocouple with core made by JUMO company in Germany
Programmable control PC-15 with the ability to run 10 programs of time, temperature and run thermal gradients with a touch panel and digital display of the program position
High thermal efficiency using nano silicate insulation technology
Secondary on/off control for temperature protection with emergency shutdown (police)
Electrostatic paint coating with a suitable appearance for laboratory spaces

Making arrangements and installing special equipment needed by researchers
The equipment and the way to charge neutral gas into the main chamber using both open and closed valve and Flow controller
Relative atmosphere control inside the chamber by fireproof steel box
Installation of special controllers with computer output
Professional digital recorders
Auxiliary exhaust fan (Exhaust Fan)
Fast cooling using fast blowing of air or neutral gases into the chamber in addition to equipping the furnace with shockproof insulation
Additional temperature sensors and displays to sense different parts of the device
All kinds of shelves, racks and trays made of heat-resistant stainless steels (up to 1000 degrees) and bases, Sagar, trays and ceramic plates with special features for furnaces with higher temperatures
Replacement of internal walls for special processes with high corrosion


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