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Atra’s design, research and development unit, using the knowledge and experience of its seasoned experts, acts as an active brain in the company’s production system. The work and presence of the project managers and their direct supervision of the production execution process has led to the fact that in addition to the quality control of the production stages, the technical and operational problems of the work are directly observed and recorded, and the result of this is things like improving the design, reducing the cost. Future productions have followed the simultaneous training of new experts and qualitative growth. The design team includes experts in mechanics, electricity, automation, metallurgy, ceramics, industries, and drawing as the head of the engineering unit and uses advanced analytical and computational software related to each field and manufactures its equipment by reviewing the buyer’s request and analyzing the equipment. Similar to the construction of other foreign colleagues, with a completely exclusive design, and created technical knowledge from the ground up, and avoids reverse engineering, for this reason, the products made in Atra company do not have a similar foreign design in terms of physics, and in some cases, in terms of It is a unique function. As an Iranian, we are proud to say that our foreign colleagues consider Atra as a competitor in the Middle East market and a stylist in their field of activity, and they have a huge challenge in competing with it economically.

In order to speed up the construction, Atra has organized units with the equipment needed by these groups. These groups have internal activities in the field of sheet metal working, forging and forming along with modern laser devices, special welding, electricity and automation, electronics, machining and fireproofing, and they use heavy turning and boring, waterjet services to complete their production process.

Atra company, in order to inform and obtain the best practical and scientific techniques related to the equipment requested by its customers, by holding meetings to justify and review the designs and visual information of similar equipment, and in case of deducting the information of its experts and not informing the buyers about the process According to his requirements, he will organize joint leaks with the presence of Atra company consultants. These consultants are selected professors and industry practitioners in the fields of metallurgy and heat treatment, ceramics and refractories, petroleum chemistry and petrochemicals, physics and calibration, who have been a clear part of Atra’s experts’ path for many years.

Atra company has put its manufactured devices under warranty for one year and is committed to providing the equipment used in them in the form of services for up to ten years and servicing it in the shortest possible time. This service can be performed at the buyer’s site according to the size and portability of the device. For this purpose, notification of the description of the failure of the device is done by the written request of the customers (fax, email) and can be tracked by the customers by assigning a tracking code from the system related to the service. In order to special devices with continuous functions, which long interruptions in providing services to them cause great losses to consumers, it is possible for customers to sign periodic or urgent services by signing special contracts. Receive less than 24 hours or holidays.

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