Portable laboratory oven


Working temperatures in two series of 250 and 400 degrees
Furnished electric ovens with two horizontal and vertical formats
Front-opening door with heat-resistant silicone sealing with automatic locking when closing and quick operation when opening.
Very high uniformity and stability
It has proper channeling with the structure of the device to transfer hot air
It has a motor system and centrifuge fans (Centrifugus) for hot air circulation
The material of the internal body is made of heat-resistant stainless steel or galvanized sheets according to the temperature of the device
Strong external body with suitable industrial appearance and two layers of protective paint
Air circulation: horizontal, vertical and combined – read the article “Types of air circulation in ovens” for more information on this topic.
Thermal elements made by Swedish company KANTHAL
Equipped with sub-series in line with height
Equipped with full thyristor power and command circuit with electronic control boards without disturbing harmonics in the power grid
Equipped with an exhaust outlet for the natural discharge of smoke and vapors from operations with an adjustable damper (Exhaust).
Simple single-step control or PID, simple programmable controller or PID, or super professional controllers
Equipped with a protective circuit system to announce and control any unauthorized temperature rise (Police)
Proper multi-layer insulation using high-grade insulation
Optimal energy consumption with maximum efficiency
Proper distribution of energy with maximum isothermal
Very suitable sealing in
One year warranty
10 years after-sales service

The input channel of the test sensor to perform the calibration operation
Additional temperature sensors and displays to sense different parts of the device
Double-glazed window to see inside the compartment
Lighting inside the compartment
Humidity display and control systems
The complete waterproofness of the device
Equipment and charging path of neutral gas into the main chamber
Installation of special controllers with computer output
Professional digital recorders
Auxiliary exhaust fan (Exhaust Fan)
Fast cooling using fast blowing of air or neutral gases into the chamber
Safety indicator systems (lights, sirens, etc.)
Appropriate thermal zoning with the physical dimensions of the device
Special equipment with EX standard (anti-explosion)
All kinds of heat-resistant stainless steel shelves, racks and trays


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