Industrial chamber & wagon furnaces

The main structure of the device is made of ST 57 or ST 37 steel sections
Thermal energy supply system: electric – gas – diesel – dual fuel (electric – gas)
Hinged door movement, opening upwards (gutini), wagon door with an independent structure or integrated with the wagon carrying parts
With a fixed floor, it can be equipped with a wagon with a manual or electromechanical movement system
Equipped with an exhaust outlet for the natural discharge of smoke and vapors from operations with an adjustable damper (Exhaust).
Simple single-step control or PID, simple programmable controller or PID, or super professional controllers
Equipped with a protective circuit system to announce and control any unauthorized temperature rise (Police)
Strong external body with suitable industrial appearance and two layers of protective paint
Optimal energy consumption with maximum efficiency
Proper distribution of energy with maximum isothermal

Equipment and charging path of neutral gas into the main chamber
Installation of special controllers with computer output
Professional digital recorders
Design as two separate doors to speed up loading
Auxiliary exhaust fan (Exhaust Fan)
Energy recovery systems to increase the efficiency of energy consumption (for temperatures of 800 degrees and above)
Fast cooling using fast blowing of air or neutral gases into the chamber in addition to equipping the furnace with shockproof insulation
Safety indicator systems (lights, sirens, etc.)
Appropriate thermal zoning with the physical dimensions of the device
Special equipment with EX standard (anti-explosion)
Additional temperature sensors and displays to sense different parts of the device
All kinds of shelves, racks and trays made of heat-resistant stainless steels (up to 1000 degrees) and bases, Sagar, trays and ceramic plates with special features for furnaces with higher temperatures.

Equipped with full thyristor power and command circuit with electronic control boards without disturbing harmonics in the power grid
Proper multi-layer insulation using high-grade insulation
Thermal elements made by Kanthal company
The inner chamber of the furnace is made of high grade ceramic refractories
The door and the edge of the door are covered with ceramic refractory insulation with high shock resistance
The location of the elements and the type of furnace in the form of muffle (invisible element) and non-muffle (visible element) – read the article “Muffle and non-muffle” for more information on this matter.

Using Direct fire, High Velocity and Plus Fire burners in gas furnaces
Refractory and insulation according to the type of process and user loading system
Channeling and exhaust system suitable with physical dimensions and arrangement of parts


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