Continuous industrial ovens

آون کانتینیوس صنعتی

Heating system: electric – gas/diesel – dual fuel (electric-gas)
Designing continuous furnaces according to the type of parts and required capacity according to the buyer’s request
The material of the internal body is made of heat-resistant stainless steel or galvanized sheets according to the temperature of the device
No direct heat radiation into the operating chamber
It has a motor system and centrifugal fans (Centrifugus) for hot air circulation
Continuous furnace with the ability to adjust the speed of movement and positioning in the middle or at the beginning of the production line
Hot air circulation system: horizontal, vertical, combined, nozzle (expansion) – read the article “Types of air circulation in ovens” for more information in this field.
Types of movement and transfer system of parts in the form of conveyor (Mesh belt, Shakers and Shain) and walking beam (Walking beam)
Conveyor return system design in parallel or direct
Appropriate thermal zoning upon request
Implementation of preheating, durability and cooling zones
Simple single-step control or PID, simple programmable controller or PID, or super professional controllers
Implementation of full PLC industrial automation system for the whole machine
Fully equipping the device with special equipment with EX standard (anti-explosion)
The design of the charging and discharging platform is suitable for the part
Chimney system with adjustable damper, auxiliary fans and direction to the outside for the exit of gas, vapors and smoke caused by the operation.
Optimal energy consumption with maximum efficiency
Proper distribution of energy with maximum isothermal

Humidity display and control systems
Equipment and charging path of neutral gas into the main chamber
Installation of special controllers with computer output
Professional digital recorders
Auxiliary exhaust fan (Exhaust Fan)
Safety indicator systems (lights, sirens, etc.)
Appropriate thermal zoning with the physical dimensions of the device
Special equipment with EX standard (anti-explosion)
All kinds of heat-resistant stainless steel shelves, racks and trays
Additional temperature sensors and displays to sense different parts of the device


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