Laboratory gas-burning air circulation furnaces


800 degree hot air circulation with special design and industrial engine
Light, compact and ideal with new technology
Programmable control and precise execution of the baking curve
Secondary on/off control for temperature protection with emergency shutdown (police)
A3 gas burner
No direct impact of flame radiation on the main compartment
All steel internal wall with modular floor with ease of emptying and cleaning
Good appearance with electrostatic paint coating

Equipment and charging path of neutral gas into the main chamber
Installation of special controllers with computer output
Professional digital recorders
Fast cooling using fast blowing of air or neutral gases into the chamber in addition to equipping the furnace with shockproof insulation
Safety indicator systems (lights, sirens, etc.)
Appropriate thermal zoning with the physical dimensions of the device
Special equipment with EX standard (anti-explosion)
All kinds of heat-resistant stainless steel shelves, racks and trays


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